Worldwide WordPress 5k completed

I found the article about the wwwp5k idea written by Sara Rosso on Tuesday after completing a 4.5 km run in the morning. – Just 500 meters missing. ;-) I really liked the idea of joining this world wide event and so I added the task of completing a 5k into toodledo and scheduled it for the weekend with due date on Sunday.  – This might sound strange but this is how I did it! :-) And finally, two hours ago, I completed the 5k!

To be honest, in the past, I did not like to go jogging, but this year, I simply started and I am still doing it since end of February. Are you interested in how I achieved this? It was quite simple:

1. In December – during my yearly planning – I decided to return to the weight that I had three years ago until end of June. Thus, the target of losing weight was set and I had to choose a measure to achieve this. After trying to eat less or to do rope skipping (which killed my back), I ended up with running as my preferred solution.

2. To integrate this measure into my schedule and to create the necessary pressure to go jogging, I added a repetitive “go jogging” task onto my todo list in toodledo.

3. Most important: I downloaded a sports tracker software to my smartphone and I track my exercises with GPS data to evaluate my training progress.  – I love this gadget! And it seems as if this enthusiasm about the software has a positive effect on my feelings about jogging. :-)

Is there somebody out there who has had a similar experince? How did you start with jogging?

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  • bearrunner April 10, 2011, 8:05 pm

    My first run ever, 14 years ago, was a 5k… That got me started on running with a couple hiatus from the sport within those years… I don’t remember my first jog, just being able to complete a 5k quite easily.. Keep it up, it gets easier the more you do it!


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